The Holiday Windows | Selfridges – Futuristic and Minimalistic

I hated this window when I saw it, it didn’t make sense, where was the pomp and ceremony? Where was Christmas, the glitz, glamour and tree. I didn’t even think s’nice I just thought wtf is this. BUT as with the liberty window it took a few visits for me to actually really love this window as opposed to Liberty. Its a take on the fairytales- Alice in Wonderland, Excalibur I think, Treasure Island, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks The three bears, Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel… but in a more simplistic way.

The very opposite of the Harrods windows.

These Selfridges windows are the other side of christmas-restrained. Do we need all of the stuff for christmas? Could it be more simpler? More intimate? More streamlined? What if we did away with the commercial element of it, or as much of it as we could? Is this what Christmas in the future looks like? The longer I looked at it, and I kept going back to it, the more I enjoyed it.

Its simple and easy to digest, but in its simplicity it is an excellent play on the meaning of the season from a commercial perspective and a grander life positioning- what could Christmas look or feel like if we were more restrained? Selfridges may be helping us answer that question.

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