Ever the atypical Pisces, I am two sides of a coin- an introverted wild child. My relationships- family and friends- mean the world to me, but I enjoy the pleasure of my own company, often times a little too much. Grossly over-analytical yet wildly spontaneous; I love to travel, see the world, imbibe new cultures… but I am also tethered to home and my roots; my heart never leaves. An eternal story teller, I have self published two short-ish stories; The Six O’clock Express and The Bride’s Got The Blues; the former inspired by a Harrods holiday window display.

The podcast, Afternoons Like This, and the print shop Travelling Stories- travellingstories.co were borne out of a need to remind myself of happier times in the world during the height of the pandemic that saw us all retreat inward as the world shut down and we only had our memories for company. And so it goes, because the story is never truly finished.

Come away with me why don’t you…

I hope this space of mine fills you with as much laughs and light, in the moment and always.

I read, I write, I tell stories. Welcome to Afternoons Like This; a story teller’s playground. Whether it’s fashion or travel, politics or food, life is rooted in stories that bind us together and the essence is always in the story telling.

My name is Femi, aka The Madam Editor on socials, and my thing is story telling; because every aspect of life has a story at the heart of it waiting to be told. From advent stories that centre around the Christmas season, to food that takes me back to my childhood; a particular memory, travels that inspire stories, art, music, fashion… this is a space for the eternal story teller, an escape from the hullaballoo.