The Holiday Windows | Fortnum & Mason- Cats

I love this window so much I could cry and I am not much of a cat person, they play way too hard to get for my patience but this window, this incredible window, is all the joys of Christmas wrapped up in one; Happy, festive, traditional, whimsical, fun, lovely… and all the superlatives one could adopt to describe anything that brings them much joy.

In a word; magical. Another; enchanting.

Its Cat producing Christmas with all the trimmings from the post office workers delivering presents, to the crackers production line, making port and champagne, the salmon reject line to the yule log… it speaks to the kid and adult in all of us.

It’s incredibly imaginative and Fortnums do this every year where an element of Christmas is used through out the window theme, whilst sticking to tradition might become a bore, they find a way to elevate it every single time.

The icing on top of a delicious cake has to be the building itself, decked out like an advent calendar, happy and jolly and if you time if properly, as the day turns dark at the top of the hour the clock strikes and that classic Fortnum jingle plays and for a brief moment everyone, and I mean everyone, on that pavement opposite the store looks up in awe with the festive season creeping up on us. This is Christmas as it ought to be done. Its happy, its jolly even the cats in all their glory.

By all means go and see this window and get into the Christmas spirit!

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