The Holiday Windows | Harvey Nichols- Tipsy & Tinsel and A Secret Forest

At first I was unsure about this window, I thought s’nice but not at all festive but having had time to digest it, I rather like it. It reminds me of this window from Harrods that led to my short-is story, but this feels like the continuation, the arrival in the alps of all the gang and the shenanigans about to ensue.

This is grown folks and a sexy kind of christmas; the one where you don’t want the stress of hosting for the season so you are escaping to the alps with your friends or partner to escape the madness of the season and let other people cater to your every whim. You also want to just soak yourself in champagne, sit by the fire, and watch Christmas movies all day long… trust me it’ll never get boring.

It’s rather convenient and utterly sexy, I adore the high fashion of it, even though not as christmassy as I would’ve liked its grown folks business and sometimes you just need the busy-ness that goes into preparing for the holidays to be someone else’s problem. You want to arrive and leave without doing the dishes. Maybe some holiday drama because homegirl standing in the back watching the couple seems shifty.

Whilst we are here you might want to check out the Harvey Nichols Secret forest on the 5th floor where you can indulge in ice cream cocktails and some of your favourite holiday movies in a  wonderful cosy setting that is right off the set of Frozen.