Autumn- The Last Smile

I love Autumn, the one season of they year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it- Lee Maynard

When it comes to seasons, I am pretty much an in-between kinda gal; Spring and Autumn are my two favourites, Spring being my first, but Autumn coming a close second, only discounted by two facts; the cold and my birthday falling in the cusp of Spring. I mean if I squint through one eye and hold my breath I’d say its a definite spring birthday, that one time when it was smack bang in the middle of the season counts for a huge deal.


This year however, with summer failing to really show up, after a lovelier Spring than ever, I looked forward to Autumn wondering if she would be a wash out like Summer or we would have one of those weird later summers that would wash out the Autumn and throw us smack into winter. We were compensated by Mother Nature. Autumn in Britain has been absolutely smashing, the temperatures always perfect, the pretty leaves falling, that rush of wind. I love waking up on misty mornings and sinking further into bed and wrapping my duvet around me tighter. Its heaven. I adore the mornings when things would change dramatically from mist and fog to bright blue and beautiful.

And there were those rare days when it felt like the world was coming to an end but the colours made it look so alive.


I appreciate the seasons, as much as we bitch and moan about it, I love the change and the newness each season brings, even the bone dry and ugly winter with its lack of colour and abundances of grey. That coldness of everything you touch and the quickness of darkness, the shorter days and long nights, the smidgen of the sunshine. I love Christmas so I appreciate the winter. I love Spring and the everlasting feeling of hope, I almost love the Summer, I love the British Summer more than anywhere else in the world, its the only season I don’t hop on a plane mug, tourists and all, its the most perfect summer anywhere in the world- I am biased but it also happens to be the truth. I love the Autumn, the feeling of the end but also a time for new beginnings around the corner.


And I have absolutely loved the beauty of this Autumn we have done little to deserve, but have had the pleasure of having her around anyway.

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