Gift Guide For The Beauty Newbies Et Al.


One thing I am not, a beauty connoisseur, but one thing I love is a good beauty product and above and beyond, I respect the power of a good lipstick because nothing beats a good lippie on a good, bad or average day. Much like there is almost nothing better than a good bag of beauty tricks especially on those kind of days. From something for the beauty expert to the beginner, boys and girls, from the ridiculous; seriously who needs a gold plated manicure set? to the utterly fabulous, lipstick anyone? There is something to suit every need. 

  1. The Beauty Book from Neal’s Yard. I got this book from a friend and its one of the most insightful books on beauty. Its a beauty ingredients book slash dictionary on how to make your own recipe from face care to skin care, its chuck full of tips and tricks to help widen your beauty journey. 16.99
  2. All the boys I know love Creed- that is a statement of fact. Creed Aventus body oil is a powerfully scented oil for men (and women) with fantastic top notes of pineapple, black currant, apple and bergamot, spicy mid notes and a woody base. Incredibly sexy and one of those unforgettable scents. 85
  3. Whether you are just starting out or are a make up veteran one of the basics of a true addict worth her pout is a good set of brushes and this basic set by Bobbi Brown is a as good a place to start as any. Go ahead and get yours for you, your friend, your sister and your mama too. 145
  4. Laura Mercier leading ladies lipsticks set, presented here in a lovely beauty box in fifteen shades that can mix and match to stand out. This collection is inspired by leading Hollywood ladies. 220
  5. Glossier set of balm dotcom have become my go to base for my lips and I have converted several people to be believers in its sheer greatness. It moisturises, stays on for longer and its the perfect trio. 30
  6. Czech & Speake shaving set; this reminds me of days when as a kid I used to watch my dad, rest his soul, shave old school. Its a pretty nifty gift for the boys but at this price, not just for any boy. 375
  7. Czech & Speaks gold plated manicure set because when will you not need a gold plated manicure set. Or when will you need one. Either way here is one. 450
  8. Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile gift set. This is one of the richest fragrances ever; full bodied and exquisite, it is an explosion of roses that linger for longer than the ordinary fragrance, and *whispers* its a much more delightful fragrance than Chanel No. 5. 108
  9. Overindulgence survival kit for men, I love this little tin of wonder for men after a night out on the tiles, filled with the bare essentials to roll from the dance floor to your desk at the break of dawn. 25
  10. The Estee Lauder advent calendar, a true beauty of a calendar with the ultimate beauty loot. Its the one to end all advent calendars with its sheer decadence. 205
  11. Charlotte Tilbury Rebel look gift box. An original takes us behind the curtains so you know its going to be good. 165
  12. This book by Sali Hughes Pretty Iconic, is something of a treasure, from the classic make up and beauty product to the iconic and the future icons. From Burt’s Bees lip balm to Simple make up wipes, this is not just a book it is a beauty encyclopaedia. Well worth it. 12.49

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