Winter Wardrobe: We Need Coats

So on a lighter note, winter is here, no I will never get tired of referencing Game of Thrones when it comes to winter, I’m sorry not really. 🙂 But as much as I hold on to the last vestiges of the lovely Autumn weather we have had I know I ought to throw in the towel and acknowledge the dip in temperature and the extra chill in the air; it’s winter bitch. In winter we wear coats, so we need coats and I have founds coats I think will work for every wardrobe type on every budget.

I have over twelve coats but only ever wear two in the winter time, but it does not stop me from shopping for the perfect black winter coat, you know the one, much like the perfect handbag each season we need a perfect everyday coat. I just bought one from Zara. A Zara coat fits me perfectly you know I am going to buy it. Without further ado, enough chatter and let’s talk outerwear. I hate that name by the way, its a coat.


There’s something about Navy and Camel

Navy is such a great colour, even greater than black and the one thing that makes this so true is the understated nature of Navy. It goes with everything, makes black look good and there is a smoothness to navy that takes it up several notches unlike its dark hued sister wife. Its almost unusual but not quite. It is divine with camel, astonishing with pinks and reds and does wonders for Grey. Much like this pinstripe coat from H&M will do wonders for you. 99.99 H&M

What is life without a camel coat? Empty. What is a wardrobe without a camel coat? Pointless. If you don’t have a camel coat in your wardrobe you haven’t lived. Its a fashion fact of life, a camel coat does a wardrobe good, and navy comes a close second. Its eternally classic, astoundingly classy and incomparably beautiful. Nothing is ever quite like it and nothing will ever comes close to it. With a combination of blue denim jeans and a read jumper, its heavenly. 89.99 Zara


The Duffle & The Parker walk into a bar...

A duffle coat is more of a lad about town type coat for me, its cool but typically english and east end but I appreciate the way Zara has gone about kicking this up a fair few notches with the simple addition of a fur hood and the double breasted multi pocketed aesthetic. It becomes a lot less laddy, and a lot more classy ladette. 89.99 Zara

The parker, like the duffle, is much like marmite when it comes to coats, and I have grown in time to love and live in mine until the zip gave way recently. Its slouchy, its easy, and non fussy. Its one of those that looks like it belongs on a pair of jeans much less a dress because of the extra casual swag, but one wouldn’t be judged so severely if worn with a dress. Its a parker, there’s nothing more to add other than it has a white fur hood for an extra dose of something. 1495 Mr & Mrs Italy



A robe coat, that’s interesting and new and perfect for homebuddies like me who would much rather spend the long and hard days of winter by the fire, in a robe, glass of champagne and a good book. Oh Christmas, hurry along why don’t you! I officially stop being efficient from the 1st of December. Like good luck trying to get anything important from me. Lolzz. But anyway back to this coat and its extra comfort, its snuggly, its got a hood, its belted and plenty cool. The only thing missing is the glass of whisky and cigar… I have a cuban cigar somewhere. How many days to December 1st? 59.99 H&M

Sometimes, in the season several trends pop up and stick around, this coat looks like it’ll be one of those copied by the high street, if it hasn’t already, and go on to become more than just a trend but an aesthetic for way to wear winter coats. It looks warm and cosy with the knit inlay, the double breasted pea-coat type silhouette makes it above average and there is the colour that says, wear me with care but wear me always. I’d take it Schumacher have done a good job of this. 695 Schumacher

My Granny’s wardrobe


This coat is one from a past life, it belonged to my grandmama but I would almost certainly wear it today. Its very old school, old money, worldly. It is not for everyday, its for special occasions but plenty versatile. Would look lovely with a pair of jeans, amazing with a killer dress and cute with shorts and whatever else. The detail, the unfussy cut and that air of principality makes this a coat the keeps on giving. 390 Maxmara Studio

Pink coats have transitioned from trendy fun pieces to something of a wardrobe staple; you know that one piece you have in your wardrobe that you may not ever wear but belongs in there anyway. That is the pink coat. Now this coat form Delpozo is a coat and then some. From its debut runway show in New York, Spanish label, Delpozo has been on my radar for its pure genius aesthetic. It shuns simplicity and continuously walks the edge of fashion, pushing the envelope as far as it possibly can and every season it goes farther with its rounded outlines to its dramatic shapes. This pink coat is a thing of sheer class from that perfect power pink tone to the cinched waist, double breasted buttons and the neckline. It rings of something from time gone by but ever so effortlessly fits into today wardrobe. It is impossibly beautiful and precious. 2050 Delpozo


NAVY, Again

I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this light navy coat from & Other stories. Its an elevated and sophisticated take on the trench. There is something suave about it, rich and superior in both quality and appearance. Its is one of those coats that will see you well for several seasons and should be a sticker arounder not merely a seasonal piece. I love the way everything blends in, in the same shade of blue, I love how it almost looks matte but its not dull. I love its unassuming sense of snobbery and that quiet elegance. Damnit I LOVE IT. 165 & other stories

I thought this was a black coat, but its navy so earlier sentiments about the navy coat applies and then some, because everybody needs a floor length, belted navy coat with gold buttons I have now decided because this IS a stunning coat whichever way we want to cut it. It has all the elements on sight but somehow remains unassuming and will have even more upon wear, of this I am sure. 995 Osman

And there you have it, the death of the black coat is upon us. TOD: Winter 2016, a hell of a year.

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