LFW, SS13- Alice Temperley

Anytime I think of Alice Temperley, until this show, I always think of a certain Lady-in-Waiting (can we call her that?), with the trend and hipness. Alas! for SS13 Alice Temperley did nothing short of really blow us all away with her very elegant and very beautiful collection, which was aptly themed a Return to Elegance because it was. Every look, every woman, was just that; elegantly beautiful, each look with a wisp of romance. This was quite an unusual show from a London catwalk, not least because Temperley has been known for being on the young side but it also injected just the right amount of spruce we needed to see in London, everything was getting a bit this and that, a bit too quirky, so this was the show that broke the mould, and a very womanly one at that. This was a bold move forward for the Temperley woman, she’s all grown up. I adore the fact that she put the everyday woman into her thought process, because it shows that Temperley understands she wants to be glamourous even in daywear. A pipping hot colour of red, brocade appliqué on organza and tulle , satin intermixed with organza, that really cool red jumpsuit is just so riviera chichi meets Audrey for brekkie at Tiff’s, stunning laser cut dresses, lots of waists…a plethora of looks from my favourite era, the 50s but with a touch, just the perfect touch, of grace and ease without being slouchy, simple without being simplistic. The sunglasses and hat were just the cherry on top of the icing.

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