LFW; SSI3- Burberry Prosum

Christopher Bailey is a really cool guy. And as a designer he is simply genius. Here’s the thing; he gets the concept of Burberry as a brand steeped in heritage but he lends it his touch of cool. He gets the quintessential Burberry customer and adds that touch of cool to their wardrobe. Its why he is so excellent for the house and why Burberry remains one of the most exciting shows at London Fashion Week. One gets the sense that his thoughts on design are limitless, he plays with aesthetics and proportion, modern and traditional, and is ever so innovative with the classic trench. This collection was no short of them, in lace, the dynamic gabardine trench jacket as seen on Miss Dunn, in brilliant white, high shine, a particularly divine kickback lace trench with a fish tail and kick pleats at the back, trench coats with corsetry and there were capes! Every wardrobe deserves a trench from Burberry because it is a fashion right of passage. For Burberry, the body is at the heart of the clothes, I feel. Bailey can spin any yarn and still not loose that signature Burberry charm. He had me at hello, but owned me with that laser cut leather trench! He played with colour, oh there was colour in all forms; high shine, bright, in ombré and the shoes. The look was sharp and feminine, long hemlines, (everyone seems to be working these and I love it) curvaceous cuts, the red skirt with purple shirt and petrol blue shoes didn’t give much away except for style, Herieth Paul in that purple pencil pebbled (say that really fast ten time) skirt, blue-green scaly detail top and slim gold wedges was working overtime and the white infusion in the collection was just right. I could go on and on about how much I loved this show, but I won’t, except to say, that Christopher Bailey is one seriously cool guy and I’d love to hang with him. Maybe late night cocktails at the Burberry design room…I just may never leave.

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