LFW, SS13- Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Illincic is a fabulous designer who will go on to do even more fabulously wonderful things and have a career that will be so overly fabulous, fashion won’t know what hit it in its fabulously perky behind. Just so freaking fabulous. God I hate that word, and I will get into trouble with the grammar brigade, but its so  darn appropriate. She’s a star with an even bigger, brighter, shinining start ahead of her. Her SS13 collection was simply fabulous darrrrling. (okay enough now) She remained modern and definitive but the look was so far ahead of the pack with its structure and sophisticated sexiness. Pure chichi- bishop sleeves (how on earth did she even make that work?), high necks, collars and little slits. There was a lot of ease to the collection despite the demureness, a flirty fluidity despite its propriety. Influenced by the work of Josef Albers, Illincic displayed a show of genius with colours, rich colours beautifully patched together; oranges, blacks, creams, golden yellow and a particularly exquisitely cut dress, with dual tones of rose pink and a part patch of tweed, with a cropped top dress type thing. She struck a fine lady. The Ilincic chick, and make no mistake she is a chick, is slick, powerful and confident. I want to be her.

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