Winter’s Hero | Bobbi Brown- Illuminating Moisture Balm

Winter is not our friends, no matter your skin type, the season is mean to skin, and spares no one so typically, this is when I up the ante of my skin care routine, especially at night time. Slather on the moisturisers, let your skin slip and slide in it before bedtime with oils, because the skin is busiest as we sleep, replenishing the moisture we lost through the course of the day. I am not a beauty blogger by any stretch of the imagination, but I know a thing or ten about skin care products as I have made a hobby of collecting these over the years, my vanity will bear me witness. One of the day time products that quite literally saves my skin during the harsh winter months, is this illuminating balm by Bobbi Brown. To say I love this product is understating it, I am obsessed with this product and buy a couple at each go. I am terrified of what might happen to me if they stop producing. TERRIFIED. It’s the perfect all rounder; as a base before foundation or skin tint, as a stand alone after a serum in the morning, she literally locks in the moisture. I can safely say, my face is never dry when I have this on. Granted I have combination skin but it is worse for wear in the winter and now that we have to spend so much time indoors in the heat without the natural elements we need all the help we can get. This little beauty goes above and beyond her call.

NOTE: I wouldn’t use this much in the summer with a full beat because its a very rich moisturising product, but I combine this with my trusty Glossier skin tint and its the perfect mix for the summer month.