Grace Coddington is stepping down as Creative Director of Vogue, but will assume the role of Creative Director at Large for the magazine whilst pursuing other opportunities outside the magazine. After more than 25 years at the magazine; the ying to Anna Wintour’s yang. She wants to do other things. Grace is without question the greatest living stylist. I don’t know who said that in The September Issue, but truer words have seldom been uttered. Sometimes in life we are touched by people who make an impact so profound it is hard to put in words. Grace Coddington is that person. She has produced some of the most reverent fashion shoots in the history of fashion, and flawed us with her particular knack for the more romantic. Sometimes I wonder if she lived in a fairytale in her past life. She must have.

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Vogue December 2003- Natalia Vodianova, Christian Lacroix as the mad hatter
Vogue US- January 2012. Styled by Grace Coddington
Vogue US- January 2012. Styled by Grace Coddington

The former model turned editor, after a car accident ended her modelling career, has talked about how Vogue gave her something other whilst growing up in Anglesey, Wales. She stayed at British Vogue, where she was Fashion Editor, for 20 years before moving stateside and following a brief-ish stint at Calvin Klein went on to work for Vogue US where she has been for 25 years. I fell even more in love with Grace after watching The September Issue, there is something about her that is at odds with Fashion, that rare touch of brilliance that makes her a little more extraordinary, and it shows in her body of work. A hint of tenderness that is in contrast with the sharpness and immediacy of the fashion Industry. Her knowledge is vast, her honesty endearingly funny, but its her vision and power of conviction in her photoshoots that moves one the most.

Vogue November 2011- styled by Grace Coddington. Model- Arizona Muse
Vogue March 2012- Eternal Optimism, styled by Grace Coddington

But what I find utterly incredible is the fact that at 74 years old, Grace Coddington still believes she has more to do, after sitting at the pinnacle of the fashion industry pretty much, and at a time when some would consider retirement, she is moving on to the next stage of her life. We should all be so lucky to live such a life. Good on her.

Cheers to you Grace.

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