NYFW; SS15… The Narrative

I finally caught up with the season so far, or as caught up as I’m gonna be, and I’m feeling a little bit meh. Some or most of what I’ve seen feels stuck, like we never moved on from last season. I think New York will do that to you because it is the commercial epicentre of fashion. Maybe it’ll all settle in after the week is over. Or maybe it won’t because this time around I am not really feeling fashion like I should. I didn’t even realise NYFW was slated to start this week. Oh well I guess we all have our moments.

The shows…

Tome was for the most past, discombobulated. There were flashes of brilliance but the collection felt most incoherent, from the typically commercially snobbish duo. This was by far their most commercial collection, but commerce did not give way to style as they struggled to find a solid rhythm to their song. There were too many trend led pieces, and not a single moment. You know what I mean? For every show there has to be a moment and there just wasn’t any in this. It felt like watching Arsenal put out an average team that scores a brilliant goal from set pieces, when you go back and analyse on match of the day, you see how disjointed the plays were. If you’re an Arsenal fan you get me, if not, basically this was just meh.

Kate Spade, where Tome was lost on the narrative Kate Spade had it its in spades so to speak, but it was all such a bore. It was repetitious and way too much quirk to concentrate on anything else. I guess this was typical Kate Spade and the Spade customer will be pleased but we have some to expect this turn out from the designer, whimsical, even weird, hence I wish it was a little more unexpected and streamlined. Not a bad collection but just not great either.

BCBG I liked a little bit more this season, but as with Kate Spade it was too much of the same feel, floaty, pretty, safe, way too safe. And almost too perfect. They tried something new-ish at times with the jackets and such like, but it was very much lacklustre. I kept waiting for something more to come down the runway. I don’t know what it was but it never turned up.

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