I hate to be away from home comforts for too long hence I am the perfect weekend traveller, Friday to Monday type deal because for some reason I get itchy feet to be home. Not that I have not been away for longer, but a short stop is my ideal kind of get away. The essence of the long weekend is meant to be short and sweet, something that hits the spot, like a case of the munchies after a good spliff. The long weekend should top up your goblet before it hits empty, a getaway from the hullaballoo of life, the noise and wildness, press pause and hit calm. Long lie ins and lazy moments.

Packing for a long weekend need not be arduous, its throw in a few things in your trusty weekend bag and head out of town. However, it ought to be a simple formula- stick with your staples for the seasons. These are more like guidelines, because rules do not go here, but there are some hard and fast steps that help one travel easy, forward plan and if you are like me, incessantly look forward to travelling. (I am that friend that has an itinerary of places to visit, some key things I want to see, an exhibition, a church or two to poke into and learn the history of a place because nowhere grounds a place, much like a church does, most things on the list go undone because I love to get lost in the most random of places) And moments of nothingness, I have a lot of those.


This is the dress you want to wear on a plane, train or automobile, it is the perfect one and done piece in your wardrobe that eases travel but helps you do it in easy style.

COS | similar here

TRY EVERYTHING ON: play dress up in the days leading up to take off, which means shop your closet, there is a cost of living crisis (Cozzie-Livs) and traveling, yes is a luxury for most these days therefore, I am so sure you have things in your closet ready to go. And if you feel like you want to splurge, go right ahead on, hun. But try on everything and make sure you have the right lingerie as well.

THE BEAUTY BAG: Girls! GIRLS! Listen to me, edit your skincare ruthlessly. I mean proper streamline because you know where would get you? The damn security gate with liquid rules. Bloody hell! So we are packing things we need; Sunscreen. Double duty moisturiser; day and night in one. Cleanser. Serum. Face wipes. Skin tint OR concealer not both. Kohl pencil. Lip balm. Lip Gloss. Glossier blush (I am specific about this because these tubes are travel beauty bag friendly and they are really good blushes.) body cream in a small travel pot. AND THAT IS IT.

ELECTRONICS: you want to switch off over the long weekend, I would leave the laptop at home, if you must take a gadget, take the iPAD if you have one or a kindle. If you do not have either of these, then a good book you will not read not even on the plane, a notepad and pen- ALWAYS. Mobile smart phone charger and do not forget your cord. We do that all the time!

WEATHER: Obsessively, check the weather, long range on accu-weather is always the most accurate, for the week the iPHONE weather app is near enough accurate. Still, pack a brolly though, you simply never know. This is why we play dress up because we will dress for the weather won’t we?

SHOES: keep it simple: walking shoes, these have to have some padding and bounce in the even you find yourself hiking up a hill like I have in the Cinque Terre, listen to that shit show here. Light day shoes like Birkenstocks… these are a hit or miss because of the material, leather, but I have never had an issue with them, and ONE pair of evening shoes.