A summer cocktail that is a riff of the mojito and the daiquiri, so go along with me for a minute. It strawberries, big fat juicy strawberries because strawberries in the summer are my absolute everything, at their peak, it is a superior fruit and they really ought not to be consumed in any other season. I wonder if eating in season, so we do not want apricots in the winter, might help sustain the environment for our future selves? Just a thought because I am a big fan of eating in season even if it never pans out but I am trying and it’s the least we can do.

I digress, where were we? Yes strawberries in cocktails I am a fan of, not the syrup kind you get from the bottle in the shops but the one you simply cut up and muddle or blend for their juices. It is also an excellent accmpaniment to tequila, which brings me to this delightful summer number. Pretty sure the name is not original to me, someone, somewhere has put this to a cocktail, but here’s the recipe:

  • 1 measure of tequila reposado or blanco
  • 3 fat strawberries
  • 1 measure lime
  • 1/2 measure simple syrup


  • Toss everything in a blender then throw in some crushed ice and blend.
  • Serve in a Colin glass; the short thick one or whatever glass you have
  • You may also choose to add strawberries or a wedge of lime on top for added drama but do you.

Why do I love this cocktail? Simple, at any point in time I have these ingredients in my fridge or the bar, fruits that should count towards my five a day which I guess counts in this way, lime, I always have lime because I always want to fashion some cocktail, simple syrup is a bar staple and ice. Tequila; I always have to hand because again a good bar deserves a good tequila Reposado or Añejo. For this cocktail a Blanco tequila also works, its younger and pairs very well with lime wedge. Bottoms up.