Let’s face it July is a bust, weatherwise because what is this rain?! Why is it raining so much? WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO DESERVE THIS?! I am not saying I want the levels of heat we had last year, because global warming is real thing, but I want some sun in the summer, it is not too much to wish for. Just two weeks of some sun and we’ll call it a wrap okay? Can we at least agree on that compromise.

Let’s pray for better in August…

In any case, at some point we will be hosting something inside and for our homes we want to be easy, breezy, beautiful, and fuss free. Summer linens are a thing of pure joy and for this brunch we get to be as joyful and fuss-free as possible so what’ll it be?

Why this summer shirt dress from Zara and a pair of the ultimate summer classic Birkenstocks.

Now I’ll tell you, it took me a long time, YEARS as a matter of fact to come on board to Birkenstocks and I cannot even tell you if I am fully on board, considering the fact that I have several and buy them every season… weird right? But I get their appeal and they are the perfect home slipper… no, no, you cannot go for long walks with these they will blister your soles after some point. Tried and tested.

Shirt dresses, I love ‘em. They are the perfect wardrobe item no matter which way you want to cut it, but this is especial; linen? Check. Buttons? Check. Colour? Darling. Slits? Sexy. Its all good in one bunch.

Now as for what we’ll be serving because let’s face it no one is really in the mood for a full brunch service made at home by oneself so order in. A few places you can order from:

Greggs: for their croissants and pain au chocolat because these pastries are really good. The best croissants in the country and when they are hot? Divine. Don’t trust me and think Greggs is only good for sausage rolls? You’d be wrong not to.

Daisy Green: for the cakes, I love a Lamington and these are simply the best so grab some from there.

M&S: Next up, we’ll need scones… and before you start please know that for as long as I live, it will ALWAYS BE CREAM BEFORE JAM. That’s it. I am taking no dissenting arguments here please and thank you. But yes, we will need scones and the best place to get them outside of the Gleneagles cafe in Scotland which I have raved and will continue to rave about in this post, the next best place to get scones is M&S, they do good scones here. You might also want to pick up salmon from their Best Ever Range because this is incredible. Oh and reach for the Mac ‘n’ Cheese from this range whilst you’re at it why don’t you, its good, its really, really good.

ROSÉ: what are we drinking? Rosé of course, because what is a summer without a glass or two of Rosé. I have always loved Aix Rosé and always will, but I have been drinking, serving and LOVING the Miraval Rosé; granted it is the winery that USED to be owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they are no longer involved, but this is still one of the best if not the best Rosé(s) on the market and it is worth your money. Pure Mirabeau Rosé is another really fine rosé for the summer, this is a subtly sexy drink with an elegantly cool finish that hits like peaches and cream on the palette. How do I drink my Rosé you ask? Well, I’m glad you did, because as you well know, I am not one for all things smooth, I like a little rough here and there, like a wild scotch that remains unheard of, or a popular bruichladdich that still packs a punch, I loathe plain milk chocolate (I don’t much care for chocolate to be honest) but if I am having a chocolate it has to have something in it, salted caramel like you’ll find in a dime bar, hazelnuts, something, but NO CURRANT! For rosé, because let’s face it, I am not completely uncouth, I throw in pieces of peaches (for the record, I do not like peach as a fruit but when mixed in with a glass or two of Rosé, its divine) some raspberries to get things hopping, another fruit I do not like as a fruit, (hey, I never said I wasn’t uncomplicated, its the pisces in me) maybe some apples, apples are good for a lot of things and for adding to rose is perfect. In any case, happy brunching