My favourite activity of make-up application is lip gloss application and no season like summer for a flirty glossy, slick swipe of flirt, that smells like bubble-gum and cherry blossoms and happiness. I know we collect gloss like its going out of style, like are you even real if you don’t have at last twenty lip-glosses in your arsenal? I have narrowed down the perfect shades for the season and telling you the best, the absolute best lip gloss I have ever used, and you should trust me, I am a connoisseur.


Gold lip-glosses are a delight to apply, radiance like no other. You want flirt? Gold lip-glosses give you the ultimate flirt clear with lashes of gold on bare lips, no liner. I’ve been wearing lip gloss without liner for a while now and I love that naked feeling.

Best in show:

Lemon Lava- Fenty Beauty: the gloss bomb from Fenty is a real OG, Rih knows how to make the lips flirt solo and this colour is simply divine on its own, but layered with a subtle pink colour and it is a heady mix.

Blitz Gold-Pat McGrath: Pat McGrath with the Midas touch and this lip gloss is proper Midas in touch application, more depth of colour and consistency than the Fenty gloss, this is not subtle at all, she came to steal the show and she will.


Xenon-NARS: the perfect neutral and the most versatile of tones, it is a “lip glide” whatever that means, and it seems like its discontinued, but it is really a wonderfully mixed gloss/glide. It does not wane with the day, I can testify to that. It applies beautiful to most if not all skin tones and layered with chestnut liner from MAC, it’s so beautiful. It applies so perfectly well, and the pigmentation is insane. It is still available in HOF online… but hard to find this in store.

Flesh Fantasy- Pat McGrath: sexy and barely there, it is as the name insists, this is the naked dress for the lips. You know the dress a la Carrie Bradshaw, this is it for the lips.


In The Buff -Tom Ford: I once bought a Tom Ford lip gloss and didn’t know how to behave outside whenever I wore it because it is like having a glass of Dom Perignon which lives up to the hype. Tom Ford lip-glosses are sexy and hot as holy hell. Moisturising and light to apply, and have I said sexy as hell? Peach Absolut which is sold out it my favourite ever but in the buff is a winner as is Aura.

Hot Chocolit- Fenty Beauty: I love a good brown lip gloss especially on brown skin that blends in yet stands out and this lip gloss stand out not least because of the iridescent fuchsia tint infused and it’s a high shine gloss that smells divine. Rih really wants us to be kissed in her gloss and who could resist.

Flesh 4- Pat McGrath: a brown lip gloss perfect and intense, charming to apply and a beautiful consistency.

High Society- Charlotte Tilbury: I don’t care what anyone says, Tilbury make up and skin care can take all my money. High society is like the name says, its snobbish and titillating at the same time, demure and sexy and I am here for it.

Peony Blossom-Pixy: Peptide infused lip plumber that nourishes the lips, there is something about this lip gloss that tingles, quite literally, it glides on but it is more that just a gloss it is a gloss plus; it is a treatment, and with chamomile soothes, you feel the mint and it is all round a pleasant gloss.


Fizz Posh Gloss- Victoria Beckham: Victoria you want my money? You want my pin number? TAKE IT ALL. This is THE BEST GLOSS OUT THERE RIGHT NOW. Victoria Beckham can do no wrong in my eyes, I’ve loved her since the days of zigaziga, the crown and throne wedding, right to today. Her brand is one of the most eponymous and luxurious brands there is but she earns her chops by making sure it is of the best quality. Her lip glosses are no exception and are exquisite; fabulously pigmented, incredible shades, long wearing and superior.