FLORENCE in 120 Minutes- ESCHER

On the way home from the dreamiest of places with a couple hours to kill, Florence was a whistle stop and it was fortuitous that an exhibition on Escher was on in the Museum of Innocence, up the road from il Duomo. Which it turns out was all we had time for.

ESCHER: a visionary artist with a particular eye and mind whose work is on display until March 2023 and is worth your time even if for a half hour.

Escher fuses elements of science and magic, mathematical analysis and contorts them into some of the most contemplative works of art. He lived in Italy for a good portion of his life where he came up with some of the most unique works of art and imagery. It invites us to observe the world outside of the ordinary and mundane. A horse going one way appears to the going the other, its not a bird, its a bird! chessboards filtering into towns,

His works presents an augmented view of the world with proportionality and elements of physics, look closer and the Roman columns are not just columns but lines fading into columns, houses on closer inspection are lines that have been built up, a deliberate placing of shapes and diagrams to create them. He leans hard into the elements of designs that make his work even more relevant today.

There are 200 works by Escher on display in Florence including day and night, metamorphosis, and are absolutely worthy of your time if only for a couple of hours.