So it is ridiculous to expect you to travel to Scotland for a simple drink right? It is, BUT if you are so inclined as I would be because let’s face it I am ridiculous, if you find a cheap ticket on EasyJet or something; fly don’t train it because we are literally here for a few hours. You must make it to the American bar at The Gleneagles Hotel because it is/was the scene of the best ever cocktail I have ever had. Yes I am aware that I have used ever twice, now three times in a space of a couple of sentences but it’s truly magical here…

I’ve covered Gleneagles extensively on the podcast hence I will not go into it much here, but you can listen to it here

Worthy of a visit if only for a drink is the American Bar.

This is a dress up bar so do throw on your glad rags, hop on a plane to Edinburgh, take a train to Gleneagles station, hop on the shuttle to the hotel OR you can simply take a taxi from the station to the hotel; speak to the hotel they will arrange a pick up and drop off for you. Once there, settle in for a good number of cocktails. Might I suggests a couple:

The Papaya; a mix of mezcal and papaya and rum, the papaya is toasted to give it a distinct taste. I have tried this at home without toasting the papaya seeds; its not the same but it is damn fine cocktail to have here.

The Pomegranate: a mix of a mighty fine whisky Macallan 12 sherry cask whisky and champagne; this is the grandaddy of all cocktails and fantastic on the palette.

The Banana: this should be an acquired taste but it did not taste like so; who knew mixing banana peels with bourbon and bitters would be such a treat.

Three cocktails a piece and you should be good… stop here.

Now soak it up with a fat scone from the garden café with delectable cream and raspberry jam. And whilst we are here, it will always be cream BEFORE jam.

Pop into the Birnam Brasserie for a seafood tagliatelle keep soaking up all that alcohol before you get on the plane. Although i did have a fantastic mac and cheese with a delightful cocktail so there’s that. Pictured is the best ever mac and cheese, crickey.

Fed, watered and decent, hop back in your taxi to the airport, on your plane and head home.