Let’s Do Drinks – London


I’d never stepped foot here until recently, it is an old world steak place, the kind of place that deals were done back in the day, white table clothes, gilted bar with all the liquors and a busy, busy atmosphere. It is also the perfect after work spot that requires a bit more dress up. You can go in smart casual clothes but a place like this demands a bit of an effort do put your best into it. come for the cocktails and stay three hours afterwards for the menu and polish a steak or splendid platter of seafood. It also happens to be on the most delightful street in London or one of.


Okay so this is the only bar on Saville Row, how is that possible? But they claim it to be and I will not argue with them. Its Italian so it meets all my standards, its charming and easy. I love an easy space somewhere that doesn’t require much effort, I also really like spaces with casual soft seating and a more formal type setting. Sartoria’s Librare Bar is the perfect place to meet, greet and unwind without being three sheets to the wind. Don’t do that. We are grown folks in these parts okay.