Christmas Windows- Worthy Mentions

Outside of the big 5 windows I like to check in on a few stores that typically go all out for the holidays, there a strip on New Bond street just up the road from Fortnums’ that is absolutely the most delightful for a Christmas feel. It feels like you are in a little village square and there are some brands that absolutely embrace the Christmas spirit that have become some of the mainstays we look forward to.


Cartier; I much prefer the façade of last year but this was chocolate box small town perfection with its red and green and lights and delight. It lucked out on location because this strip of New Bond street always feels like a  little village street with all the trappings of Britishness; the red post box, the black taxi just driving past the red phone box. It is absolute vintage and aptly the place you will find people clamoured around for photos and who can blame them? It looks like a Christmas card. Cartier stuck to variations of its tried and true formula of Christmas colours and kitsch.


Tiffany: there is something about the Tiffany store façade that already lends itself to the celebratory and glamourous without having to try therefore any addition to Christmas-ify the store might just tip to it ridiculous. They have created a the brilliant theme of less is more; a display of colourful birds of paradise or doves? Doves because Christmas, encircling the liberty clock against its black painted facade. Beautiful.

Louis Vuitton: I love Legos, not sure I have the same of affinity for the brand but this has captured my heart for its sheer brilliance and simplicity. A splash of Lego merchandised Christmas windows. Now here is the think LV does that I have noticed over the last couple of years, is be intentional in their mannequin casting? Is that what this is? In any case, and this might be overstating the case, I find that it tried to represent its customers, mannequins with afro or cornrows, Asian mannequins etc. I like that, because it says they are not only “listening and learning” they are doing where they can; don’t get me wrong these are simply mannequins and not a statement of their intent on doing better. The window reminds me of the Harvey Nichols pencil tree window… you see what I mean about Harvey Nics’ being the edgier more contemporary store that takes the finger?? The Lego themed window complete with Christmas tree is every parent’s nightmare but so beautiful to look at the detail, there is a perfect juxtaposition of high fashion and childishness because at the end of the day, we are still playing around with this thing called life whether dressed in couture or laying on the ground playing Legos with the kids. Its all relative and that’s the message I take from this window.

In any case this little commune a stones throw from Fortnum’s is a delightful place to feel the Christmas spirit. Absolute stunner so go see it.