I didn’t like this window, it felt more New Year’s Eve than Christmas; too much sparkle and razzle dazzle to be even remotely christmassy. Maybe this is for the many holiday parties we could have attended if the train strikes did not derail things but it is missing something. Harvey Nics is one of those stores open to taking the finger when it comes to visual merchandising, meaning they go all in and are typically more artistically inclined than their neighbour Harrods.

More to the point is that Harrods and her single story single brand theme, should have been a bore but it wasn’t and Harvey Nichols with its edgier more contemporary feel should have been better than this but it wasn’t.

If you are looking for a good New Year’s Eve themed window this ticks all the boxes, possibly to holiday parties we can get to this time of year, sure thing, even still it feels too sparkly for anything but New Year’s Eve therefore is missing the warmth… yes that’s what this is missing warmth for the holidays. And it feels repetitious. Christmas, not so much.