Nowhere does tradition like Fortnum’s and no one ever will. From the advent calendar façade that lights up the store during the holidays to the chiming of the clock at the top of the hour, that brings out Messrs Fortnum and Mason to perform for the adoring crowd below. Everything about this feels like a chocolate town box reminiscent of one of those small towns from a Hallmark movie, you know where bad things never happen, but behind closed doors like heartaches that will be soothed by Christmas miracles? Those towns, complete carollers and perfect hot chocolate, snow falls that never slushes and shops with doors that jingle.

Here the windows are festive as can be, peppered with the traditions of Christmas, presents, decorating the tree, baking, turkey dinner. It is simple and fuss free and rather charming with its lead cat, mouse, and concierge dressed in uniform. Every year Fortnum’s keeps things traditional but it is never twee or tiresome, they find a way to elevate the narrative each year by embedding traditions in the display.

This year’s window reminds us of the fuss we typically get into over Christmas, in the days especially leading up to it. It’s a delightful window complete with fire and port. And its obvious that Fortnum’s has a thing for cats and mice, or maybe they simply want to represent our furry friends and place them front and centre in the narrative that can sometimes be a lot less about them. Also it is likely where we’ll see some harmony between the two.