I typically don’t post my favourite windows first, but what the hell I am too giddy about this window and quite surprised by my absolute adoration for it because it is a single brand, layered yet single story windows, encased in gingerbread format absolute high fashion and I LOVE it.

Harrods entire façade has been Dior-rified, taken over by the fashion house to bring us their very best from the archives to the contemporary with some incredible stills and storytelling. The eponymous Bar jacket makes an appearance, menswear, the Parisian store front, Dior homeware. The entire thing works, revives the power of the brand and its storied collections, there is so much range where there shouldn’t be, it ran the risk of being too one dimensional, too on the nose but nothing of the sort happens. As it is encased in gingerbread it could have been gimmicky, but it is not, at all.

Rather, we are treated to a reinforcement of brand power, a re-ignition of brand affinity, and a curiosity about brand history. This is brand power to the nth degree and everyone who walks past can only stop and stare in wonder, I was there, I am everyone.


The brand sought to tell a story all wrapped up in festive cheer, but also bathe the entire store front in it so where does Harrods end and Dior begin? It is the perfect fairy tale that strikes the perfect balance. The greats and the good make an appearance here; perfumes are stacked in gingerbread layered Christmas tree, teddy bears and pretty dresses rotate in a layered cabin, yep you got it, made out of gingerbread, down to the couch and possibly fire place. L’atelier Dior both men and womenswear, and in one of the windows a conveyor belt rotates the classic handbags, and other accoutrement from the house, shoes are intentionally assembled on soft dining chairs… it is a coherent and deliberate story that will attract consumers new and old alike.

And in one word, it is beautiful. Absolutely completely stunning.

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