JO MALONE- Lime, Mandarin and Basil:

This scent is the best home scent ever, it is great as a perfume but stupendous as a diffuser, my goodness it is the perfect balance of calm and smooth and mellow and heady.

JO MALONE- Pomegranate Noir:

Perfect for the holidays the quintessential scent.

Dr. Vranjes- Peonies and Black Jasmine:

I got this from the store in Flornece long before I realised they sell this in Fortnums in London. This is a diving diffuser, classic and rich, if it were a bottle of wine it would be full bodied and satisfying.

ZARA- Whisper Mint:

I’ve never been sure of mint as a home scent until this particular scent, balanced out by vetiver, bergamot and amber it creates quite the welcome and sets a stage for a surprise.

Dyptique- 34 boulevard saint Germain;

This is such a beautifully crafted diffuser that stays long after, it settles so nicely and is never overpowering and it oddly but not surprisingly conjures up the nicer scents of Paris. When I say nicer you know exactly what I mean. Moss and crushed blackberries, and the richness of spices. The perfect balance.

Acqua di Parma- La Casa sul Lago:

Fresh air and morning dew, the scent of the sea and a bouquet of flowers. Its enchanting and divine


Still the best home fragrance ever, ever. The eternal scent of the Japanese cherry; rich, poetic, romantic, and soft. This scent lifts your home and your spirits it is such a happy smelling and sexy scent. Softly powdered and if pink had a smell, it would be this. Without question.