Diptyque- Feu De Bois:

I am not one for woodsy scents but I was in Gleneagles and there was a particular scent all over the hotel, it was so particular, wood without being murky, smooth and ever so wintery… I think I found it, Feu de Bois will make your home smell like woods and fresh air and crackling fires.

Jo Malone- Fresh Fig & Cassis:

From the townhouse collection this candle is a true delight, a fresh scent of nature. Jo Malone townhouse candles are a priced possession not simply the candles butt he canisters themselves, shaped in townhouses of London, the colour of regency buildings that you’ll typically find in Regent’s Park and makes a great keepsake.

August & Piers- Darling:

Is there a more darling sounding candle? I love August and Piers candles. Beautiful ceramic jars with heft, with scents that lasts a long time even after burning. Darling is a floral and woody scent which has top notes of Bergamot Rose and a base of cedar wood, ergo perfect.

Anthropologie-Boulangerie Espresso:

I have never smelled a headier yet smoother candle, ever. This is one of those candles that is an enigma, but so damn good, it is the perfect morning scent. Especially lovely in the kitchen.

Our Lovely Goods- Sandalwood Moss and Mandarin:

A beautifully smelling candle, mandarin in anything is lovely. Especially perfect for the bathroom. Run yourself a bath, pour a glass of something wicked, light the candle and indulge your senses.

Mefiye- YAWA:

In Yoruba YAWA means a bust or a blag… my ancestors do not disown me please. In Ghanian it means born on Thursday. This candle with its notes of cedar wood and sweet jasmine is with the right amount of attitude that comes with that Thursday feeling. It’s the perfect way to indulge after a Thursday night of shenanigans on a Friday morning.

ZARA- Signature collection:

Eucalyptus in any candle is a win, win, because it is such a welcoming scent. Zara has really been coming up trumps in the home scent scene. This particular scent balances the zest of eucalyptus with the depth of birch and tobacco which is quite the winning combination.

Acqua di Parma- Buongiorno:

Good morning, an excellent morning scent; lemons and musk, rosemary and lavender, conjure up a day ambling along the little roads of Positano and awaken your senses. Perfect home office or living room candle.