You know how everyone has a happy place? Well Edinburgh is that place, that happy place for me. Besides the book festival which is the best time to be there because the city is buzzing, but never crowded, the city makes you feel like a part of it; like you are among kindred. Winter is wonderful time to visit Scotland because it is wild and endearing, the views take your breath away always. And cold, obviously, but there is just something wonderful about Edinburgh. Maybe its the people or the mysteries and myths that surround it. Or the castle light up at night looking down on the rest of the City.

The sunset, don’t forget the sunset; Edinburgh is privy to fantastic sunsets, poor dear, it’s why we cannot get enough of her.

I know just the place to have a drink and observe the most spectacular of sunsets because I am in-fact very big on sunsets.

Scots are lovely people, a laugh and welcoming, the laughter in Edinburgh is just that tad bit fuller and it is a city of stunning beauty.


The George Hotel on Princes Street: Now the Intercontinental George Hotel.

Gleneagles Town House Hotel– you know how I feel about Gleneagles hotel, well they have a townhouse hotel in Edinburgh.


The People’s Museum has quite the story and display for you to see. For it size it packs a lot in

The Castle; be a true tourist and head to the castle; it is both romantic and vast. The views here take your breath away, quite literally.

Walk the royal mile you will never be short of what to see. Pop into the whisky shops and get yourself something local. Yes, that means shortbread too.

The Writers’ Museum, Lady Stairs House. As a writer it seems a bit poor if I do not recommend this but this is still one of the most unique places to visit anywhere in the UK, possibly the world.


The Larder | Breakfast or Brunch here is fantastic. Its very artisan, quite hip, one of those places you know, with hip coffee and avocado toast but it is more than that and with good service.

Dusit Thai: I love Thai food so it makes sense that I would look for a good Thai restaurant wherever I am. This is a wonderful place to eat. If there is no table immediately, they book you in and send you two doors down to wait and they will send someone to fetch you and find you in the bar.


The Bon Vivant: a good bar with good vibes and good drinks. It is always packed but it is always a good time.

Harvey Nichols Bar- the best sunset, great cocktails, really good atmosphere, but really its the sunset that gets me here every time I am n the city.



No trip is complete without a day trip and whilst there is so much to do in Edinburgh there are beautiful and incredible places to visit outside Edinburgh.



About a half hour from Edinburgh Waverley is Linlithgow, with Linlithgow palace, birth place of Mary Queen of Scots. Pack a picnic basket for a dreamy day out by the loch. The ruins of the place where the Queen was born still stands for a tour and a touch of history. When it comes to the relationship with Scotland and England one cannot help but be saddened at how things have degenerated between our governments.

The other place worth heading to from Edinburgh is North Berwick; a coastal town about a half hour from Edinburgh Waverley station. This was recommended to me by a friend, and also a sales associate in COS when she overheard me yapping away about an upcoming trip to Edinburgh.

Impressive coastal views await my friend.

Now, you can take the train here and I did, or you can drive here. Driving gives you an easier access to the sites but never you mind you can see and do things when you take the train too. The city centre has some incredible independent shops here that will make you want to call your bank manager and offer some explanations in the morning.

Why Not is actually the name of a shop; if you want to buy fish dinner, whilst trying on clothes whilst deciding where to put that artwork? You most certainly can. It’s a hodge-podge of retailers under one roof complete with a café to take it all in

Visit the Scottish seabird centre to discover some amazing sea life inhabited in the surrounding islands. Puffins reside here guys. If hiking is your thing, North Berwick Law, an extinct volcona with a summit you can ascend is right up your alley.

For a small town there is plenty to do here

For things I did not get to do but are on the list; the ruins of Tantallon castle which was invaded by the English. I don’t care much for castles and this was hassle to get to but if castles are your thing.. its meant to be impressive. A half mile from Tantallon castle is Drift café; two shipping containers installed on the edge of a cliff… you know how I feel about a good view, well here is where you’ll find a view for the ages. Come from a cuppa stay for the views a wee bit longer.

And if you can help it, do not leave without a visit to the distillery, get a bottle of Scotland’s finest gin distilled here. Don’t say you were not informed.