I am grieving the end of summer, this was a summer that really summered; there was heat, there was sweat, there were late nights and sunsets. There was stolen kisses with pretty boys and dresses with spaghetti strings. There was ice cream, lots of ice cream, the air was humid and we wore sunglasses whilst lounging in parks drinking champagne from bottles. It was a summer filled with memories and whilst I am not ready to let it go, I am welcoming autumn with open arms. Because let’s face it; I am an in-between season type of gal.

And the change in season comes with one thing; jackets and blazers; I love a good and layered wardrobe. Denim jackets, biker jackets, tailored blazers and boxy suits… its all happening this season.

A round up:


Cantankerous as Zara can be with its sizing, it does not negate the fact that it makes some really good pieces; pieces that will live in your wardrobe for a good few seasons. This blazer is one such piece that will never go out of style


I was one of those people who did not truly appreciate the appeal of COS until I shopped there a few good times. There is art in its simplicity and what COS does is keep things simple and dare I say it lovely.


A good woollen blazer does the job; it is the right temperature for one of such and this beige double breasted blazer ticks all the boxes.


When in doubt, throw on an oversized denim jacket and you will do no wrong. Team it with a lingerie dress and you will put no foot wrong. Finish the look with trainers or a pair of chunky boats and you will be the belle of the ball.


Look, I don’t know if I will pay three grand for a bikers jacket but it is not outside of the realm of possibility; I mean LOOK AT THIS JACKET. Its stunning, and trendy as it is, it will last the test of time. So three grand? I think I might.


I love a good hoodie and this is a good hoodie, its ideal its stylish and its versatile.


What can I say, McQueen makes good jackets, really good fit and severely stylish. This is a jacket I would gladly throw my money at. Cost of living being what is it; we will eat noodles for three years at least.

So there you have it, something to keep the cooler nights at bay whilst remaining stylish. Do you know, the change in wardrobe in temperature and in atmosphere is one of the absolute joys of any season’s transition. Autumn, here she comes.