Heatwave you say? I am here for it, for all of it. I’ll tell a wee funny story though, (did I just type wee? Why am I thinking Scottish all of a sudden?) I am one of those girls who loves the onset of summer, the promise of summer, but then just lounge indoors in moumous and sipping on lollies. Same? Right? But anyway I love a summer season, my favourite is still spring, but summer comes with the promise of a good time, stolen kisses and blossoming romances… all the things.

Now, we know the airlines are literally for shite these days, but that is not going to stop us from making plans to pack our bags, hop on a plane, train or an automobile and head somewhere with much predictable summer weather; a hamlet somewhere, another city or somewhere off grid for some much needed downtime. But I mean, you should not plan to leave London for the summer it is the best city in the summer. I say that because I am biased but it is also very true.

However, in the event that we are hopping on a place to somewhere just as wonderful, in the heat of the summer? What are we packing? Clothes of course. So here is the baseline to start you out and hopefully you can build from there.


Birkenstocks are all that is right for the summer, they are the only acceptable footwear for the season; comfortable and ugly, best to walk about it and something that no matter how casual or formal the outfit is, it adds a little something to the look. I don’t know what it, but Birkies wake up an outfit.

Packing for a holiday might be one of those nightmare scenarios that is more often than not a palava when it need not be. The holidays away are when we know we are going to read those books from our TBR piles, will use all steps of our make up routine, will most certainly wear three dresses a day… and on and on we go. But in reality, we will do not such thing, rather we will lounge by the beach, visit sites, eat lots and drink a little too much before stumbling our way to bed only to do it again the next day. There is no time we will read lots of books, maybe on the plane and that requires just one dude or your kindle if you feel like you will need more than one book.


Dresses, dresses are everything in the summer; one and done they really are the greatest hits of the wardrobe and on holidays they make life and packing so much easier. You only have to throw the footwear with it. Underwear optional… look we have come out of the pandemic with very few inhibitions, the lingerie did not make it for some of us.


What else?

Well your day bag should be a faceless canvas bag, or a basket bag, I love those for the summer, it is not heavy leather that weighs you down or makes you sweat, you need something that you do not need to be precious about, something that can take a bashing in the heat or rain, that you can easily clean in a washing machine or wipe down.

An evening bag for all occasions; a small and a smaller one if you need to have two.

Sandals for sure but here is the thing about sandals on holiday its often a block 2 inch heel or a 3 inch kitten heel because cobbles and heals do not go together.

An alternative evening dress that can also double as a day dress.

A skirt; remember those? Do we still wear skirts? Apparently we do so a skirt with a high front slit.

Walking shoes; trainers are always a good idea. Also sea shoes; I got a pair whilst in Dubrovnik a few years back and they have been on every summer holiday with me so if you can get a pair of rubber sea shoes… why? You might need them on a pebbled beach.

As I said, underwear optional but do you.