#8- Between Friends

Franny tapped her leg impatiently waiting for her best friend to meet her at the wine bar, their favourite hole in the wall aptly names the wine bar at the hole in the wall no points for originality but what they lack in finesse they make up for by the barrel load in fine wine; from rare to new world, their cellars are the best in London and their best kept secret. When she told Blu to meet her here rather urgently her friend had gotten excited because she knew Franny had a secret. How could she not? They have only been best friends for too long.

Franny had to tell someone this secret otherwise she would combust. She was about to dial her number again when Blu walked into the bar. She smiled. Her friend looks as fabulous as ever, her blonde jumbo braids piled into a high topknot. She was dressed in a black tank dress and gold platform Mary-Janes gave her height she did not need, made her 5ft 10 frame tower over all. Men and women do double takes as she makes her way to the table, talking on the phone of course, one to a thousand.

‘…listen I have to go now I’m at my next appointment. Bon… D’accord. Bisous.’ Blu flopped herself in the seat opposite Franny, sunglasses off, handbag to the side, phone put away. ‘Hey you.’ She reached for Franny’s bowl of nuts and helps herself to some. This is how they are, best friends don’t come bester.

‘Hey. Busy day?’

‘Something like that some madness with a campaign I am working on. The usual. I’m hungry. Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?’

‘I was waiting for you before I ordered. The usual?’

‘You know it.’

Franny got up to go place the order at the counter. A glass of Chilean red for Blu and Sancerre for her and a plate of the mini hot sandwich selection before returning to their table. Her best friends mean the world to her, but she shares a bond with Blu, a different kind of bond. They all do, in their own way, and she was the one Franny thought of when she decided to tell someone something about Logan.

‘So how come we haven’t had any sleep overs babe? Everything okay?’ Blu took a sip of her glass of wine.

‘Yes everything’s fine just busy is all. How are you?’

‘Hmmm.’ Blu corked her head to the side, observing Franny. ‘You’re having sex.’

‘Okay. Wow.’

‘Mm Hm. This is why you summoned me here. This is why we have not had any sleepovers!’ Blu was excitable. ‘Tell me who is he?’

‘Calm down you, there’s-’

‘No, there IS something with someone. Do tell.’

Franny rolled her eyes, ‘first things first, I cannot tell you who he is, but I can tell you how I feel about him.’

‘Why can’t you tell me who he is?’

‘Because I don’t want to just now, and that’ll have to be that.’

Blu raised her hands peaceably, ‘I understand. I am here to listen to anything you wish to tell me, and I promise not to judge.’

‘I know you won’t judge, it’s not your style. Never has been.’

A waiter brings their food to the table and Blue immediately tucks into a sandwich.

‘Is this your first meal of the day?’

‘Nope. I had a muffin for breakfast.’

Franny rolled her eyes. ‘How you find time to send me a shit tonne of food but never eat anything yourself is a mystery to me. Honestly.

Her friend shrugged. ‘tell me, tell me.’

Franny told Blu most everything about her and Logan without revealing anything about who he was. She wanted to hold onto that a little longer.

‘So you love him?’

‘Yes I do.’

‘And he loves you?’

‘He says he does.’

‘What do you mean he says he does. Does he not show you he loves you?’

‘He does.’

‘What are you scared of?’ Blu took Franny’s hands in hers. ‘Why are you scared?’

‘You know why. Rich boy, poor- ’

‘Shut up. Please shut up about that nonsense. And please, please tell me you did not mention that to him.’

Franny sat schtum.

‘Fuck sake. You did.’

‘It was in the heat of the moment he said the L word, for me and for him and then we got talking and I let it be known.’

‘What did he say after that?’

‘He said he doesn’t see us that way.’

‘Good. I like him. Our secret lurrverr.’

‘He’s not secret, I will tell you once we have been in this thing for a long enough time.’

‘I know you will. But in the meantime, enjoy this. He, whoever he is, looks good on you.’

‘Thank you.’

‘And don’t worry I will divert the others from bugging you about sleep over. But you have to indulge me.’

‘Ho boy.’

‘He loves you, he really loves you. You really love him. And you are glowing. The sex is awesome…’

‘Ew.’ Franny laughed.

Franny’s favourite move was Miss Congeniality and everything was often put to that tune.

‘Oh please I know the sex is good. Look at you, you’re glowing.’

‘He is a good lay. I cannot lie.’

Both women burst out laughing like naughty teenagers.

‘How’s work and study coming along?’

‘Good. I’ll be glad when it’s done and no, before you say it, I appreciate the offer, but my decision still stands.’

‘I know but our offer will always stand.’

Her friends offered to pay for law school after graduation, but Franny insisted on doing it herself, so they showed up for her in other ways including feeding her and sleeping over ever so often. They took care of her so she could focus on her goal, and she couldn’t be more thankful for their support.

Blu sits humming that song so it never leaves Franny’s head; it makes her feel warm and fuzzy all over.