Are we dressing up again? Yes? Okay good because I am literally, quite literally, sick and tired of sweatpants, even if the pandemic is still raging out there, yes there is still a pandemic out there, I think some of us are now of the opinion that with a little care; masks outdoors, hand sanitisers, the world can be safe to traverse outside again the caveat being with a little care.

So, in that spirit I think it’s safe to say that we are itching, just itching to dress up again. Hands up if you kept buying summer dresses in the peak of the pandemic because you thought this would only last two weeks and we’d be back on our outside bullshit again? I know right? The other day I ventured into my jewellery drawer where hides all those mad and weird trendy pieces we wear once or twice, before moving on to the next, and in this drawer lives most of my cocktail rings. Whilst the cocktail ring is not a new phenomenon; it rose to prominence in the 20s at the height of the prohibition era I believe, when the world and its mother was giving a mighty middle finger to the establishment. An era when everything was loud, brash, and out there. To be honest, this is exactly what I want this spring summer to be for us all and going forward. Seasons filled with the gauche and the chic to the nth degree and the cocktail ring might quite possibly be the thing that fits into both moulds. Also hands up if you went hard on the cocktail ring trend? Yep I see you, welcome this is a safe space.



The cocktail ring is an absolute throwback to an era when big and loud was in style and so big and loud is exactly how we are stepping out post peak pandemic with vaccine. Nothing says look at me, see me, I am not on your level like a massive cocktail ring sitting prominently and prettily on one’s finger. Hence, this spring summer one thing, among many others, which I will be rearing again is the cocktail ring apart from the fact that this is a trend I aptly od’d on; Lola Rose, Kenneth J Lane, Marc Jacobs and those gift with purchase perfume rings… it is also a trend that I think has lived and aged well.

Rings are how our outfits smile, same with earrings; they are the little final detail much like the fine prints on a contract, that brings a look all together; every accessory has a function to perform but a ring pulls an extra special duty of making an outfit sing. A good cocktail ring will pump up the plain; it will be the talking point on any given occasion, they are a way to signal that we are ready to enter the world again, make a go of having fun again, because cocktail rings are plenty of fun, ridiculous and at times nonsensical, but there is something bombastically fun about them. They take centre stage whilst not upstaging you the wearer. The one rule of thumb here is to give the cocktail ring her stage to shine; so it should be the dominant finger jewellery on whatever hand you choose to wear it. Whether it’s one on each hand, or next to a more subtle stack you simply must give it room to enter the conversation.

They are often always of the moment, a trend led piece but can be absolutely transitional, at the extreme they are a collectors item; vintage pieces are especially special or something you buy on your travels to keep a particular memory with you. They do not take up much space, but they work and carry on where the handbag leaves off. Trust me, they just do. Cocktail rings will not compete with earrings when it comes to pulling a look together, neither will then outshine the necklace for the simple fact that there is enough distance between them to avoid overwhelming a look. They will also not compete with a wristwatch (do people still wear watches) or even a bangle because there is a system to layering jewellery that can be particular to your signature.

A simple cocktail ring as the only jewellery piece on pattern heavy outfit will compliment as well as elevate, as much as it would a block simple shirt dress, a simple tee and jeans, or a killer suit… there is no limit to its versatility. These mighty little pieces create a plethora or moments that set the scene and carry it on to other moments not just for cocktail hour but daytime tea too. A scene stealer that makes you shine? Run that back.

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