It is unfair that a place be so magical and pretty and historic and enchanting all at once with EVERYTHING… every single thing, to do and more. It is unfair that at every corner awaits a surprise, a charming reveal, you feel spoiled upon walking in because everyone is falling over themselves to cater to your every whim. Gleneagles is that place. The glorious playground. About a couple hours from Edinburgh, this is somewhere that can be anything you want it to be.

It is a place for family; they have a play manager that can cater to every need of your child and more.

A place for friends to make incredible memories

A place for lovers and loved ones…


A place so magical you will not leave as you arrived. It is unforgettable.

The rooms are nothing you would expect from a hotel this size, big, spacious, comfortable beds, nothing about this is typical, or showy, everything is simply perfect. They have eschewed the atypical Scottish thing and have created a space both soft and luxurious and most important, comfortable; not too modern definitely not too traditional; it’s that fine balance. You never feel like you cannot be yourself or feel at home. The hallways are wider than normal a throw back to when it was sacrilegious that ladies balls gowns touched as they walked the halls. Not really but that’s why the halls are so wide.

The grounds are vast and stunning big enough to get lost in yet cosy enough to feel indulged. Lose yourself in the great outdoors; hunt, fish, horse ride, falconry, the possibilities are endless.


The one thing you should do here is eat breakfast. Everyone should eat breakfast here once in their lifetime. There is something for every palette, I mean every single palette. Filling and flavourful in the most beautiful of settings. The buffet is groaning beneath the weight of food, the kitchens are vast and the options plentiful. I kid you not, this is the best breakfast in all the kingdom.


I said what it is, I said

If you need a break from being so spoiled, then stop off at the spa or the pool or maybe you want some of the finest local delicacies… like scones as fat as the palm of your hands or the best Guinness cake on offer. Or better yet if you fancy a chichi night out within the ground the Michelin star restaurant, Andrew Fairlie will do just nicely.



THE CENTURY BAR; Drinks at the Century Bar; you must have the cocktails here, you simply must do and spend long nights up to no good here.

CIGARS AL FRESCO: The Blue Bar at The Dormy is where you go for conversations and something to take the edge off. I prefer this space in winter where the roaring fires and long nights add a flair of mystery to it. It’s lovely in the summer too. Like I said; Gleneagles is a places that can be anything and everything to you.

AMERICAN BAR; its a bit more upmarket in here; dinner jackets and a bit of a dress up so pack an evening number or two.

A MICHELIN STAR OR TWO: Andrew Fairlie book ahead and dine in here its a two Michelin Star restaurant within the hotel and it is absolutely everything.

SHOP; as you proceed to the Birnham Brasserie there is an avenue, a mini avenue with shops that takes you back to Paris or some such its the dreamiest of passageways.

FAT SCONES; in the courtyard cafe outside the Birhnam Brasserie (I use the Birnham Brasserie as my compass to everything because I can see just now, but I have been known to note know my left from my right despite being left handed so maybe check your bearings because you can get lost here, but you will find your way because there is always someone to help you) is where serves the most delicious fat scones with cream so divine it feels like sin to taste and don’t even get me started on the Guinness cake.

The Birnham Brasserie

Without question my favourite place to dine in Gleneagles; as intimate as it is fun. A casual setting that is both indulgent and unpretentious, a cross between a lady’s parlour and a friend’s kitchen table.

CHILD’S PLAY; Horse Riding, Falconry, fishing; the grounds are so vast they have it all to do here and did you say you wanted to entertain the children; we have a play manager on residence ma’am please step through this way.

FISH, CHIPS AND VIEW; Fish and chips at the Dormy; overlooking the most stunning views.

GO GOLFING; A round or ten of golf; this is a famous gold course therefore it would be absolutely sacrilegious for you to come here and not play golf; if that is your thing.

GET LOST; Get Lost in one of the most breathtaking grounds. It is all that and so much more.

DAY TRIP; If you do get bored, but WHY WOULD YOU, visit Stirling castle, or hop on over to Edinburgh, stick with me I have the goods for you because Edinburgh is one of if not my favourite place in Scotland but on the days that I wake up on the wrong side, Gleneagles pips.



Madam’s tip; this is where you want to take the family for the holidays in December it will be the most enchanting place, I promise you. The sunsets here are particularly breathtaking, so ditch the navigation, throw on your most comfortable shoes and leg it about the extensive grounds all eight hundred plus acres of it.