Of all the seasons, Spring really is my favourite because it is the season of rebirth and possibilities and promise. Days get longer, lie ins get cosier as the sun rise filters in through the windows, birds get chattier with that morning wake up call, hydrangeas and tulips, pretty floral dresses and endless brunch plans. Here are some things to do for yourself, your home and your sanity as the season unfolds and rolls into summer.

SERVICE YOUR BOILER: In the wake of the sky high energy prices coming our way we will tend not to use too much heating and heating helps keeps your pipes working so make sure if you are due for a service, you get your boiler serviced. Do not put this off.

CLEAN YOUR OVEN: The worst chore in the history of mankind but it also happens to be the most satisfying so clean your oven. Pick a Saturday, pick a podcast and get to it.

UNCLOG YOUR SINK: without waiting for it to get blocked, get some heavy duty sink cleaner and maintain the drain.

CHECK THE SMOKE ALARM BATTERY: if I have to listen to one more beep from a smoke alarm with a weak battery, I will fight someone so please change your smoke alarm battery. The life you save might be your own.

CLEAN OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOWS: Self explanatory eh, but hire a window cleaner to carry out monthly cleaning of the windows and let in day light and sunrise.

GET NEW TUPPERWARE: IKEA have some incredible glass bowls with the bamboo tops. I know, I know, IKEA is a bitch to get to sometimes but make the trek and refresh your bowls and get rid of the plastic oh and buy yourself the hot dogs… this is really the reason for doing so. Buy here

WASH YOUR CURTAINS: of all the household chores, washing is the worst only second to ironing. Whoever thought of making clothes in need of an iron anyway, but wash your curtains and change over from winter to spring summer curtains.

SHOES: Clean your shoes. Zara has a really good shoe cleaning kit, if you don’t want the hassle, dust your shoes put them in a dust bag; another bitch of a chore but a random Saturday morning, podcast playing and should be all good.