The thing about Anna Delvey is that she is unremarkable; she’s not special, she’s not smart, she talks a good game and kudos to her, but everyone around her, everyone involved with her, was a fucking moron. It is the only excuse they have for falling for her bullshit; every single one of them was a bombastic moron and they deserve whatever comeuppance they get in the wake of her shenanigans. They were bought and paid for; reaping what benefit there was to reap; every Benjamin tipped, every free dress given, every champagne drank, every flight, every hotel, every damn thing.

Can you tell? I am incensed that this docu-series tried to make her out to be some misunderstood genius. SHE WAS AN AWFUL PERSON. A BAD PERSON. A THIEF. A LIAR. AN ABSOLUTE SCOUNDREL.

The series exposed the insidiousness of a society high strung on shiny things. It revealed just how easily greed can turn the world on its head, how gullible people in positions of power can throw away other peoples’ money, live savings, investments… without a care in the world. They fell for the air she was selling them in a diamond encrusted bottled they could not even hold. Fucking ‘ell!!

Anna is not kind or nice, or particularly charming; she’s cold. People that pull scams as such are not supposed to be cold, rather, they are inviting because that is how they have everyone potty in their hands. I cannot understand or fathom why on earth anyone fell for her garb. Her lies are typical, nothing so far-fetched it could not be detected; if you ever received an email from a Nigerian Prince you would know this too, and we all have at one time or another. The fact is she is a bland girl with an uninteresting past who came from humble beginnings and used her wiles as a means of escape and found solace in the pages of magazines that filled her head with a fantasy life to be had in faraway New York city; show me a young girl anywhere in the world who has not had such fantasies. She infiltrated that world enabled by equally feeble and vapid people, mostly.

She had nothing tangible to show, nothing worthy but a bunch of high fashion collection, which is why I find it hard and incredibly jarring that people in their big age fell for her game. These are people who run financial institutions, who manage people’s wealth, fine hotels, fashion houses…and she scammed them all. ALL. The cheque was always in the mail, the wire transfer is always coming but hampered by international banking systems issue. Lines of credit issued to her on the word of this non-existent inheritance. Did people even know how to google her last name, look into her family wealth? Did nothing of the sort even occur to these morons? Give me a fucking break!

Is she a product of a society that is bent on greed, shaped by wealth and the relentless pursuit of money and more money without an end in sight? Absolutely. She is the mirror in the face of society. She was a child who always seemed so far out of her parents reach in a way where she was left to her own devices. But what is it with people who felt the need to save a sociopath who quite clearly did not want to be saved? I mean everyone wanted to save her, her stupid friends, that journalist, her lawyer… I guess they were using her as much as she was using them but there was nothing there other than someone who clearly felt entitled to a world she could not inhabit. She always had one scam to play, and they always fell for it. Every single one of them bought and paid for, with a smile, stolen money, a compliment; falling over themselves to please her, hanging on her every word. She blew the lid open on a world built on fallacy and flakiness; it’s a flaccid world at its core. One built on access and flimsiness, with ties so thin the wind would crack it. But Anna represented something  to them, a door way into a world they’d always fantasised about. She was a novelty; European and with an accent; we know what how much Americans fall for shit like that. Apparently, a German heiress and that made her royalty adjacent

Of all her friends I found Neff most annoyingly stupid and gullible even when she revealed herself to be what she was she still enabled her in the bullshit. I really cannot stress how gratingly annoying she and her high bun were. Gullible does not even begin to define her, I didn’t know people come that abjectly stupid. But Neff proves they do. And still do. Everyday foolishness. Alan was an embarrassment to his profession. Rachel too eager to flex with the big boys. Kacy, smart but also ridiculous how she treated Rachel. The boyfriend, the finance managers, the hotel managers… every single one of them stupid.

And Rachel should absolutely feel NO TYPE OF WAY for what she did. I would have done worse, I would have hired a hit man. Put me in the hole for £60,000? Bitch, you are getting got and cut. She should not feel bad for selling her story or getting paid. Do you know what it is to be stuck in a country, ham strung without cash and you don’t speak the language but you know you are in trouble? I would have sold that bitch out that way too in a second and I don’t know why Kacy was mad at her, please take a damn seat I would have settled for a cool million.

The truth is Anna is a bad person. Terrible. Deplorable and I’ve no idea why the journalist was going out on a limb for her or was painting her out to be what she was not or was rooting for her in the slightest. The society that allowed her to exist is even worse. Anna didn’t do this in silos; she was a twenty-something without experience that got so close to the halls of powers she might have run for President of the United States and won with the whole world watching, eyes open. In the America before Donald Trump that would have seemed impossible but these days, anything is. She sold them a dream, an intangible idea and they fell for it, believing without seeing… it was all on them too. A society that let her exist and thrive for as long as she did, is just as guilty.

But make no mistake ANNA DELVEY, SOROKIN, SOROKINA what the hell ever is A BAD PERSON. THAT IS ALL. But watch this, it is a good depiction on a society so fragile without the dollar signs. And it will essentially remind you my friends that you are a good person, better than them.