London, has some of, if not all of the best restaurants in the world. We do not play with food in the capital and it has everything in the mix; British, French, Thai, Chinese, African, Pan African, Indian, Jamaican… there is a fullness of flavour brimming in the capital that is unparalleled.

Through the swish roads of Mayfair, cocooned in the cosiest of settings is Stork, a Pan African restaurant. The mood is swish, dark but not dingy, striking that fine line between romance and mystique oh so perfectly with enough space between tables to be intimate when you want to be.

Sometimes when dining, you tend to trade something for something; good food can translate to bad service, great service can sometimes mean the dessert may not be all the way, inattentive waiters… etc. but not Stork. This is of a different breed; it comes from good stock as the saying goes. Here the experience is complete. Absolutely one hundred percent. The waiters are perfect; absolutely perfect. Particularly Wale, shout out to him, he was not only attentive but knowledgeable and welcoming. Nothing was ever too much for him. And his suggestions were spot on.

I mean, I still concede that Nigerian jollof is the greatest of all time but let’s park that argument to the side for another day because the jollof here was on another level of greatness; it is party jollof but make it bougie but local… you know what I mean? And then you mix in Suya… SUYA!! My favourite thing I miss about Lagos. The Suya pepper took me back to the street corners and shenanigans in Lagos. This was some kind of majestic. My friend had Égusi and seabass with fufu and they give you the choice of eating it with your hands or with a fork… real Gs know, we eat swallow with hands because everything about the flavour is always a level up. I am talking all discombobulated here I know, but the KING PRAWNS | AVOCADO & CHOW CHOW | SCOTCH BONNET & DATE JAM starter? Chei! That is the one. I am not a fan of avocado but I also cannot wait to go back and eat this dish because this is avocado done right.

Now, let me bring you to the dessert because this here is the stuff of dreams, where dreams go to thrive and flourish. Guys, this is end of days stuff, this is your last meal on earth stuff. THIS IS THE MEAL THAT WILL GUARANTEE YOU SAFE PASSAGE TO HEAVEN. This dessert was heavenly, so much so, I burst into applause afterwards. The Malva pudding served with a scoop vanilla ice cream; a king among puddings. It is akin to a sticky toffee pudding but better… you know how I feel about a sticky toffee pudding well this one is something sublime. It was so good I asked to see the chef to thank him afterwards.

Inspired by the 2000 mile journey of the Stork our dynamic cuisine showcases the migration of African culinary inspiration to nearly every continent in the world


Stork is not simply fine dining but an elevated sensory experience that does not overwhelm. It is a sublime play on flavours and textures, the palette is refined and surprised at the same time. It is easy yet distinguished, welcoming and warm and the cocktails here are a sign of craftsmanship and art. Here they take time to imbibe and intertwine the flavours, paying homage and respect to the origin of all the dishes that sear across the continent. Nuff respect.

STORK MAYFAIR | 13-14 Cork St, Mayfair, London W1S 3NS | ‭020 8054 0541‬

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