PARIS is a city you do with friends not just lovers, but your best friends.

Yes, its the Louvre and croissants and strolling along the Seine but it is a city for tipsy nights ambling along the Champs Elysée, giggling delightfully whilst watching the Eiffel Tower light show just before midnight.

It is a city for long walks, from one end to the other, from the first to the eighteenth I walked, and back; about 20,000 steps with my mate. Climbed all the way up to the Sacre Coeur only to be blown further away by the views and the fresh air up there.

It is a city where the back roads are just as enchanting, right the way to the Moulin Rouge, take in a show if you will at night, the air and atmosphere is way different over there. It is intoxicating.

Spend the day ambling in the Parks, the Jardin du Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful parks; big and oh so beautiful, intimate and freeing and enjoy the bits of history in there. Of course you can see the Eiffel Tower from there, towering all over Paris. From anywhere she remains my favourite monument in Paris, my 3rd fave in the world.

I liked Paris for a long time but I think I can now safely say, I do love Paris, she has won me over and winter is the best time to be in Paris, the crowds are not as thick and the nights are that bit more magical.



Somewhere in the 6th; St. Germain, the 1st, 7th- when it comes to Paris I am the eternal tourist so anywhere near the Louvre or Eiffel Tour is pretty perfect


SAVEUR DU SI CHAUN – now this is where I will seem quite mad because I think I found the best Chinese in Paris. Who goes to Paris to eat Chinese? Well I do and this was GLORIOUS

BOUILLON PIGALLE: I didn’t get to dine here, the line was literally around the block and then some therefore I most certainly do want to dine here next time I go back to Paris.

13 AU JARDIN: Incredible brunch. Delicious French toast and perfect to talk it all off in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

VILLAGE BRASSERIE: On my favourite street in Paris is this delightful little cafe. Pro tip; the croque monsieur is immaculate.


Harry’s Bar of course. A trip to Paris without a stop at this institution is simply incomplete.

Bar Gramont. Scene of a good cocktail and a simple bar.

Bar 228 at Le Meurice Hotel. This might just be my favourite bar in Paris and it should be on your list too. It smooth, its subtle and ultimately sexy.


A WALKING TOUR: Specifically a tour that gives you a Black history of Paris which is rather incredible and informative; entree to Black Paris. book here