Well we all know what will happen on Christmas day, those are mum and dad’s office hours, mostly mum’s, but for the sake of the season we will imagine it to be dad’s too. They’ll be in the kitchen cooking up a storm and bottoming it up with a cheeky glass of sherry here and there.

Boxing Day is where we come in, it is quiet and just that hint of loveliness to it. Christmas Day is often always filled with the highs be it a family dinner that leads to a family drama because someone went heavy on the sauce… you know what I mean but come Boxing Day, things are calmer and everyone is just a tad bit lazier so brunch is called for.

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Brunch for Boxing Day? Yes please. This menu is epic;

The year was 2007, season 1 episode 2 of Gossip Girl; The Wild Brunch. I found my people and never looked back. Ladies and Gentlemen I present you the most decadent brunch menu.

Why Brunch? Brunch is easy, fuss free, friendly and complete. You neither have to wake up too early for it (if you are not making it) nor worry about going to bed too late the night before. Brunch encourages an indulgent and lazy morning, a wild night followed by a moreish morning.

It is a meal that allows friends gather, encourages laughter and leads to the best laid plans. Brunch encourages impulsiveness, you don’t just go home after brunch, you linger, wander, lean in a little closer, may be even kiss a stranger.

Brunch for those of us who are averse to breakfast is perfect in any season, the best form of elevensies that sees you to tea time.

My brunch menu is epic and my greatest arsenal. You need not make everything, it is a ball ache to prepare some, so store bought it absolutely acceptable, better than fine, it is encouraged.


50 ml Peach nectar. Top up with prosecco as desired

And whilst we are on the subject of a damn fine Bellini, THIS from Fortnum and Mason is my preferred outside of Venice, because if you did receive the winter newsletter you’d already have my short stop to Venice even if all travel is on the fritz right now but Venice is where the Bellini was born therefore Venice is where one must always have a Bellini or ten. For now that going to Venice is going to be a bit of a bother, allow me to introduce you to the next best thing; Fortnum’s mix; this prosecco is especially delightful to drink on its own.

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