My only New Year’s resolution for next year is to get more sleep and not just any kind of sleep, I mean a good night’s sleep as much as I can wherever I am. I want to be that insufferable person who is in bed by 10pm, listening to Rege Jean Page whisk me off with a sleep story on the Calms app, with lavender scented silk pillow cases and well moisturised feet. No, really, it is my only goal for next year.

And if you can gift sleep to anyone, it would go a long way.

Sleep may be one of the most precious gifts you can gift yourself or anyone else. It is more than just getting into bed, it is about really getting a good rest and the steps to building on that.

A series of events that help break the body down and put it into rest mode.

It starts with a cleanse, a bath, some music in the mix, candles, warmth… the works. Invest in good sleepwear, really good and luxe sleepwear because the moments we spend in our beds will be the most important. Throw in a silk house robe, fluffy satin sleepers, a bonnet because regardless of what some people think, bonnets are absolutely in, eye masks if you have to… the works. Invest also in really amazing, and I mean amazing, sheets, and pillows; let these break the bank almost it will be the one indulgence that would be all the more worth it.

We exist in this hyperactive state of affairs where despite the static everything seems amped up so give yourself space to wind all the way down into the night.