It’s the most wonderful- busiest- stressful- delightful- magical- everything is everything- time of the year and we can often forget to take it easy, pause and breathe. Compounded by the fact that we may or may not be in lockdown over the holidays; it is a lot to ask and put on ourselves. Hence I want you to take a break with a cocktail; a zingy little number I’ve concocted for the holidays and this may just be one of my favourites and it is perfect for the season. Perfect for a lone night in, after a long day running around getting gifts together, you need something that ticks you into self-care mode. Here’s what I need you to do; run a warm bath with your most luxurious bubbles, soft music playing the back ground and a glass of this delightful number.

The recipe comes from the fact that I have a well stocked cupboard of drinks to make pretty much any cocktail I want, its a wonder I have not developed a habit, but give it time; blimey it is not for lack of the government trying to drive me to drink sha. It was also borne of the fact that I needed something with pineapple it that was not Pina Colada; an oldie and still a goodie. The pineapple juice is key here, and not just any old pineapple this is a lightly sparkling pineapple and basil juice. Preferred brand is London essence roasted pineapple grounded with basil essence to infuse some sweet herby notes. Its sweet yet not too sweet and perfect.


  • jigger of tequila
  • juice of half a lime; squeezed with a press
  • jigger of cointreau
  • ice
  • Roasted pineapple and basil juice
  • Optional: sprigs of rosemary.


  • Build the drink in a shaker as lister without the roasted pinenapple and basil juice and rosemary herbs
  • shake in a shaker
  • pour in a coupe, top up with the juice and garnish with rosemary.

Something about the perfect synergy between rosemary and basil really ticks this drink up a notch. I tried it with and without and the former makes a slight bit of difference. You can make this without, there are no hard and fast rules here to stick by. It’s a good ‘un so raise a glass of the the holiday pause. Cheers.