The ETO wine decanter might just be the most genius idea since sliced bread. Imagine you open a bottle of wine, after a long day from work and all you need is a hit, a pick me up. One glass and that’s your lot. You do not want the other 4 glasses to go to waste, this brilliant gadget preserves the wines freshness as long as seven days.

The soda stream is the only other invention that has changed my life and I know will change yours if you are an avid sparkling water drinker. Replace the tired old soda-stream with the spiffy looking AARKE carbonator, twice as good and three times as better looking.

Something sustainable and reusable after you gift the rituals hamper is the cotton canvas shopping bag, it is super useful. Another thing that may not be useful but is absolutely delightful to look at and as such, useful, is the circus canister…

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