London is not known for its wine, matter of fact we prefer to drink foreign wine from the continent; France,Italy, Spain, and farther newer worlds. But that’s a thing of the past or pretty much soon will be, much like it did with Bottle Shock as covered in the Autumn Newsletter.

London Cru, a winery in the South West of London has decided to take on the task of producing local wines and has the best Bacchus in the city with its Silver medaled bottle.

Whether you want to help press grapes during harvest or learn to be Sommelier for the day, the crew at London Cru will see you right. With an expert nose and superb service, the winery producing a range of award winning bottles, bottled in the UK with grapes from Sussex is demystifying the snobbery of wine and injecting some much needed excitement to the London wine scenery.

It also happens to be an excellent event space for dinners and bespoke tastings.



This is one of the repeated items on my holiday gifting lift and though I am not a tea drinker, I delight in observing this tradition with something a zanier, say champagne?

In the past I have often touted Claridges and the Ritz as some of the best places for Afternoon Tea and they really are in a class of their own, but I think I may have found the best place to have it with the best view to boot… It is not so much about the sandwiches, because once you’d had one crustless sandwich in a fine establish for afternoon tea, you’ve had them all. Location is a Marriott Hotel no less, but this might just be the best Marriott Hotel in London, Actually, I declare it to be. Marriott Old County Hall; the original location of the County Hall up to 1986. History in itself but the star place for Afternoon Tea here is The Library with that ever darling view of London, tables divided by book cases giving them an air of privacy and something of an elegance to it.

So, after your window looking in London hop on to the Westminster for some tea in this old establishment.