Freeze your memories in time with a puzzle. Puzzles are a wonderful way to spend time with the family, make some new memories and while away time whether solo or all together.

Take it one step further and frame the puzzle to forever hold that moment.

What you’ll need; IKEA Frames and Glue.


– Use the board of the frame as a base for the puzzle; which means you want to get one of their pricier frames that still won’t break the bank

– One the puzzle is done, smear some glue all over it; transparent glue like Gorilla glue.

– Adequately spread it over the puzzle,

– Leave to set for 24 hours.

– This step is optional but if you would like to, paint the base a different colour

– Frame and hang up.


Chances are, if you are listening to the radio you are listening to James O’Brien and if you have listened to James O’Brien you have listened at some point to Mystery Hour which is the best past-time on radio since the Archers and I have never listened to an episode of the Archers but I know how much loved it is.

Mystery Hour is a glorious hour spent every week on Thursdays learning the answers to mysteries you had no idea existed or needed solving. Anything and everything can be asked and answered by experts or curious wonders. From whether squirrels remember their hiding place or why belly fluff is a particular type of colour. The difference between an assassination and an execution to the origin or badum-tish… no question is off limits. And now, it is is board form for all the family to enjoy.