London at Christmas time is magic and filled with wonder. There are many small business owners running tours in and around London. Many places to dine in that can bring the city to life unlike other seasons.

Dine on the Thames? Check

Dine on a boat? Check

Dine in crypt? Check. Check. Check. You would have seen these in one of my previous quarterlies.

That iconic view of London unfolding on the Embankment will take your breath away every time. It’s the London Eye, Embankment Pier, and the Thames down below. Host a party with your nearest and dearest at the Woods Quay complete with kitchens and two dining spaces.

Its perfect for weddings and special occasions; if you want to go all out and dine with friends and family, especially after the year we’ve had, this space is so perfectly divine.

If you’d rather do away with all that London traffic and want to arrive by boat; they’ll provide you with one in which to arrive with.



I love a good walking tour, especially around Christmas because the lights only add a bit of magic to it.

Matter of fact take a London lights tour to see the most idyllic places in London to see the Christmas lights or take a Harry Potter Walk or get into the seedier times of London’s East End by delving into the Lives of Jack the Ripper’s victims with a Feminist Jack the Ripper tour.

Or if you don’t mind the chill how about a boat cruise on the Thames with a personal tour guide?

Best Blue Badge tour guides:

Look Up London https://lookup.london/

Walks of London:https://www.walks.com/

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