In my house, rice is a religion, when I moved two years ago, I ate rice and stew for the first six months and nothing else.

I am not a fan of cooking; my palette is strictly Nigerian and very partial to Italian but cooking, is a ball ache, so imagine my absolute joy when I found out through social media, that there is company that does a hello fresh type setting for Nigerian food. Sisé meals takes the ise out of the sisé; sise means to work in Yoruba, but they literally do the work for you, sending pre-prepped ingredients to bung into the pot, complete with recipe card, and in as little as a half hour you have your food ready to eat sometimes even less. Imagine cooking jollof rice in less than an hour… Oh my stars! Best thing here is that they are a small business, independently run and the delivery is quick and seamless, it arrives well packed and secure via DHL. Abeg, take all my money.

Buy here and realise what I am saying about jollof rice. The Aya Masé though… A BANGER!