A coffee table book for the ages, one you will read and gift to friends who come to your home. One that will be a talking point at the dinner table because this book is simply divine. It shows Africa in her delight, through the work and play of her people. Of us. It shows the layers of everyday life, the simplicities and how gathering together was both a way of life and how our elders passed on the traditions.

It tells a visual story of our ancestors at home and in the Diaspora. How they came to be there; the ugliness in these stories, but also where they came from and the beauty of the life before.

The decades long of passion and commitment to uncovering our lives, Dr. Harris goes through the details of how she comes by the postcards and gives us a sense of the people in the postcards; the stories that go untold, past lives brought back to the present. It is not about their condition, it is centred on them.

More than anything, it reminds us not to forget what binds us; not the way the world describes us, but as we see ourselves within ourselves, the stories passed down through generations.