Good Friday | Floralis Moscatel Oro

From the vines in the med, it is rare that a sweet wine be so full bodied and make your mouth do a double take, if that’s even possible. This excellent closer is complex yet smooth, not as sweet as you would expect a moscat to be, and that finish is to perfection. It is a sweet wine that punches above its weight, a delightfully caramel note with hints of jasmine and honeysuckle. This deceptively sweet wine gives room to become something even more thrilling. This little bottle of wine is the one that could and is something more.

Muscat is fascinating, characteristically aromatic. On the mouth, first taste, it is so seductive, on the nose the floral scent is heady but not cloying. This bottle is full bodied and beautiful, light but flavourful and a delicate balance in sensuality.

As we enter the season of flirtation, this is the perfect bottle of something to serve with a charcuterie board.