It’s spring. We are on the cusp of that sweet spot when the seasons begin a smooth transition but before that we are caught in the wrath of mother nature’s confusion; she has no idea if she wants to be spring or summer which is the only reason we can explain snow in April. In any case, one thing we are going to do is step out with our A-GAME face. With the help of the Fat water, it’s done and dusted; one and done. Rihanna can do no wrong when it comes to make up and I am pleased to see this is translating to skin care. This toner is an absolute banger.

Simple to use and with the hybrid nature of it, it’s on double duty or triple. This is easily the most impressive product from the line-up in my opinion. Yes, there’s been some rumble about the Witch Hazel, but the steps in my skin care routine enhance the moisture levels and the rest of the ingredients make up for its drying properties. The star of the show is Niacinamide; a big bonus in any product and the unique Barbadian cherry. The winning feature is that the Fat Water is minimalist, meaning, it is not here to waste your time with an exhaustive routine, especially when you want to go to bed or get out the door. Tone. moisturise and sunscreen… done.