Sparkling apple juice is best served with aged Scottish whisky. I discovered the joys of this recently, and because its rosé season, top it off with a little bit of it and you have yourself one fine cocktail.

Rosé, is a lifestyle drink that conjures feelings of flirtatiousness, spring, summer and laughter. It’s hard to be serious over a bottle of Rosé, it’s a fun drink that is relatively uncomplicated, with a bottle of Rose you know what you are getting yourself into. Admittedly, it took me a while to warm to Rosé because of its IT girl status, but she has become a solid third wine in her right as the hype has tapered away and her staying power solidified. A decent Rosé can be just as complex as a red or refined as a white but without any of that pretentiousness. Let’s face it, red wine can be intimidating. You know what makes Rosé an even more special bottle between friends? It is the deceptive simplicity in its making; this is a more tasking wine to make than red or white because of its additional flavours, but a lot less stuffy to enjoy.

But I am not here to tell you how to make Rosé, I’ll leave that to the experts; let’s get down to the simplistic recipe for this delightful happy accident. At first I was going to simply top up my rosé with Belvoir sparkling apple juice, but then I saw a bottle of whisky sitting on the side. A 21 year old bottle of Glendronach to be exact, and I thought what the hell. A dash is all you need, to be specific, .5 oz and you’ll be good to go.


In a wine glass build as below;

Half a wine glass of Rose; AIX Rosé is my preferred; this is the quintessential spring summer wine. Dry but full with aromas of spring and summer.

1/4 cup Belvoir sparking apple juice; Pink Lady

A cap full and a bit of whisky.; whatever you have is fine it doesn’t have to be so aged.


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