If there is one thing the pandemic has taught, me its that the dishwasher is one of the most, if not the most pointless home appliances to be created and installed in a home. I understand that for industrial kitchens and what not and maybe a large family but on the real, it is more trouble than it is worth and serves no other purpose that to be a pain in arse at the very best of times. Have you ever tried to clean a dishwasher?

Oven; cook, bake, grill etc.

Microwave; melt butter and chocolate together for baking brownies. Mainly. But other things we always try not to use it for but it is the most convenient appliance in the kitchen. Let’s be honest.

Cooker; many things obvs but also can be used to melt butter and chocolate in the traditional method but the microwave is more convenient.

Washing machine; wash, dry, iron basically.

Dishwasher; no idea.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, valuable about the dishwasher. It takes up space and is a bloody nightmare to maintain.

I have lived in my apartment going on two years now and never once have I used the dishwasher for what its meant to be used for. I mean, what actually is the point of the dishwasher? You use it only to go through the trouble of cleaning it and it is the worst appliance to clean; I’d much rather scrub the oven ten times over. It collects a bunch of gunk and it’s a bitch to repair or replace.

So like Carrie Bradshaw did with her oven, (did she really do that? Or did I dream it up?) I have taken to using my dishwasher as extra storage space for cleaning products or things I do not need to see. Sods law that I own dishes that need not the dishwasher… then again, I find washing up dishes old school quite therapeutic, CONSIDERING I do not even like to do the dishes. But when I do, it’s a cathartic moment where like in the shower some of our best ideas flourish… or not. So wash rinse repeat, much like life I suppose but with an easier clean up job.