On a Sunday I know but there is a correlation here because it feels like the world is quite literally on the precipice of madness with the impending interview tonight I have never known such knife edge tension outside of Brexit. Never. This one is also for my American people because they’ll need something smooth and fun to go down with “that” interview. For my fellow brits, have something stiffer mate because the mood is moving mad over here.

The daiquiri is a throwback to one of the most, if not the most, incredible trips I have taken in my life in 2016, and was going to recreate it this year but them Panorama went on a rampage and shut shit down so we had to go back inside and stay in the confines of our borders. No matter, we travel the world other ways whether with pictures or stories or drinks or as in my case, all three.


El Floridita: Obispo, La Habana, Cuba

The best daiquiri I have ever had is in El floridita, Havana. A bar frequented by one Ernest Hemmingway- he loved every type of drink to be had if history is to be believed. The daiquiri also happens to be my favourite cocktail and have had my fair share, I can honestly tell you, nothing compares. I should know, I have drank my fair share. The daiquiri is a drink of pure exquisiteness, an inviting sour encased in rum and with the right kind of rum you can never go wrong with this.